Cabaret Voltage

Christopher Leibow


Chris leibow

founder of Cabaret Voltage

Founder Christopher Leibow


About Christopher Anthony Leibow

Christopher, currently lives in Salt Lake City, with his sweetheart and son and their dog. He is a 2 time Pushcart nominee and Utah Book Award Nominee, he has been published in numerous journals and online. View all posts by Christopher Anthony Leibow

3 responses to “Cabaret Voltage

  • yesbuts

    Good luck for your enterprise.

  • Guero

    I heard you read at MestiZO, the best coffee shop in salt lake city, the coolest place in town. INCREIBLE. (okay, so you probably suspect that this is a shameless plug). You were great. Thanks for coming really. it meant a lot to both Ruby and myself. Keep the world creative, brother. Hopefully, caberet can find a home down here on the west side. Westside. see, it can be written as one word also. It makes more sense like that, because Westside is not a geographical location, but a state of mind.

    keep in touch, come read, come have coffee – in the best coffeehouse in Salt Lake City, that sells yerba mate, and is home to the most creative minds (okay, so I drifting again).

    Peace be with you


  • Guero

    Somebody built Caberet Voltage a home, and she has not yet moved in. Where is that little ?!%*? What are you wating for, hair?

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