Cabaret Voltage

Christopher Leibow


Chris leibow

founder of Cabaret Voltage

Founder Christopher Leibow


About Christopher "Kakuyo" Leibow

Kakuyo sensei is a lay minister with Bright Dawn Way of Oneness Buddhism and is the sensei and founder of the Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship. View all posts by Christopher "Kakuyo" Leibow

3 responses to “Cabaret Voltage

  • yesbuts

    Good luck for your enterprise.

  • Guero

    I heard you read at MestiZO, the best coffee shop in salt lake city, the coolest place in town. INCREIBLE. (okay, so you probably suspect that this is a shameless plug). You were great. Thanks for coming really. it meant a lot to both Ruby and myself. Keep the world creative, brother. Hopefully, caberet can find a home down here on the west side. Westside. see, it can be written as one word also. It makes more sense like that, because Westside is not a geographical location, but a state of mind.

    keep in touch, come read, come have coffee – in the best coffeehouse in Salt Lake City, that sells yerba mate, and is home to the most creative minds (okay, so I drifting again).

    Peace be with you


  • Guero

    Somebody built Caberet Voltage a home, and she has not yet moved in. Where is that little ?!%*? What are you wating for, hair?

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