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Cabaret Voltage died on April 23rd. She was born June 2003 with grand hopes. She did well for a few years. Her one year anniversary show brought 200 people to hear poetry and music. Over the years she gave many their first time on stage to show their literary, musical and artistic talents; from poets, ranters, slammers, burlesque dancers, belly dancers, painters, sculpters and many musicians. She hosted the newest writers as well as some of most established. Poets like, Alex Caldiero, Hector Ahumada, Bucky Sinister, Paisley Rekdahl, the late Craid Arnold, Chris Arigo, Joel Long ,Sandy Anderson, and Repo.A heart felt thanks to Poet, Mike McLane and all the work he did with me to get it off the ground and to all the wonderful peformers over the years, and great venues like Urban Lounge, Club Orange and Nobrow Coffee.
In her last days her heart was strong but the interest waned. She is survived by founder and poet, Chris Leibow, Photographer, Brooke Ottens, Jill Huff, Poet Sundin Richards, Poet, Richard Cronshey who were there at the very last show. It was a beautiful and intimate ending. Cabaret Voltage died happy. Rest in Peace old girl.

Good by old girl.